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Burna Boy's Gorilla

Making and puppeteering Burna Boy's giant gorilla was a truly amazing job to be a part of!

In 2019 I helped to create a truly spectacular entrance for the artist at Wembly Arena at the start of the UK leg of his African Giant Tour.

In preparation for the event I fabricated and finished the gorillas jewelry, helped to manufacture it's fiberglass body, worked to develop and test a fire retarding system for the fur, texturised the gorillas face and hands and added a paint finish to make his features stand out.

On the day of the event I was a part of the build team that worked to construct structure with limited time and worked with the fire safety officer to ensure that the gorilla complied with fire regulations. During the performance I worked on stage to puppeteer the gorilla and to make him dance!

  • Styrofoam sculpting

  • Epoxy resin texturing

  • Paint finishing

  • Fabrication of details using a range of materials

  • Puppeteering

  • Application of fur

  • Responsibility for compliance with fire safety

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